A Review of the Future of Corporate Video Production
A Review of the Future of Corporate Video Production
A Review of the Future of Corporate Video Production

In a survey it was found that an average internet user spends 16 minutes and 49 seconds watching online ads every month. It might not sound like much until you consider the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has reported that there are over 3.3 billion internet users today. Aberdeen Research has on the other hand reported that businesses which leverage video production enjoy 41% more traffic. A Study by Forrester Research also adds that a web video production on a site increases conversion by over 80%.

The Status Quo

Clearly, the benefits of corporate video production cannot be denied in modern business. If your company is not leveraging this communication medium, you are missing a big opportunity to reposition your brand. The industry is in a transition adopting corporate strategy. Easy access to both hardware and software means more firms are discovering the power of this tool. With globalization, it is possible to hire services from all over the world.

The Future

As an industry in transition, a lot more is happening that will revolutionize this communication medium. As an entrepreneur, you need to know what is going to matter about this medium in future in order to reposition your brand. Here are some trends and aspects to keep in mind:

  • Insatiable demand: Internet users love watching a good motion ad and businesses are capitalizing on this. Millions of productions are being watched everyday and someone has to provide this content. Your business must be well placed to provide relevant information for your niche.
  • Mobile consumption: Mobile devices from Smartphones to tablets are the new platform for consuming this medium. With these gadgets readily available to your target audience, make sure you produce content that is compatible.
  • Reality projects: Scripted visual content is giving way to real experience or un-staged content. Consumers want the real deal and not celebrities they are used to seeing on movie screens promoting products and services. Genuine ads will determine the success of your future marketing campaigns.
  • Efficiency: There are myriad tools that experts are using to optimize their products. It is all about efficiency of the entire process in order to deliver within time and inside the budget.
  • New trends: Metrics will feature in a big way as marketers will be able to measure success of their projects. Better integration of content in marketing is also going to lead to the prominence of this medium while shorter forms, which are easy to share on social media, will be more popular. Mass-customization and personalization to reflect your brand and target audience will also be a major aspect in the future of video production.

It is understandably important for your company needs to stay abreast of the ever changing video marketing landscape in order to outperform the competition. While your focus, time and attention must be spent on improving your business, it makes sense to outsource your video production needs to those who spend their working lives immersed that world. There are a great number of great production houses, so look around those in your local area and reach out to them to discuss your needs.


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